Encouraging Time Consciousness

Encouraging Time Consciousness as a vital Character Trait

Time is one of man’s invaluable assets. Our spiritual and material well being are determined by the way we manage time

Yet time is very often taken for granted. Carefree attitude to time and utter disregard for time has unfortunately become a part of our national malaise.

‘African time’ is a household word and a ‘guiding’ concept in our daily lives. Yet it is regard for time that makes for an orderly society. It is the proper use of time that underlines real development.

Ability to keep to time is therefore a major determinant of our individual and national character. It is a character trait which is easily and visibly discernible, a character trait that counts in every way.

Our laisseez – faire attitude to time would therefore need to be reversed if we are to move forward as a people. The inculcation of the spirit of time consciousness is certainly an important aspect of character development which NICE would need to address with all vigour.

Fellow members of NICE, let us resolve and joins hands in helping to change for good our individual and national character with regards to time consciousness. Our goal in this regard is to drive home to the average Nigerian citizenry the need for punctuality. Our slogan towards attaining this arduous and lofty goal should be ‘Time counts; be time conscious’.

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