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“One that desires to excel should endeavor in those things that are in themselves excellent”    –  EPICTETUS

All who would succeed in life should resolve that, whatever the task at hand, there is only one way to do it, and that is the best that it can be done.

Many employees are inclined to limit the quality of their work to the measure of their wages. They do not understand that the salary which one receives should have nothing to do with the quality of one’s work. Salary should be but a part of the reward for one’s labor. All work should involve the manhood of the worker, character as well as wages. The development of character, of manhood, of self is far more important than the weekly or monthly pay check.

 No one has the right to be careless in his work, to demoralize his character by failing to put into the task at hand one’s best efforts. Everything that passes through our hands, everything we do, everything we touch, bears our trademark. What kind of trademark have we left? Is it inferior? Have we sold our conscience merely because the paycheck we receive is meager?

We have to give the very best that there is in us if we are to someday move on up in the world. If we persistently strive toward excellence in our occupational labors, we can be sure that eventually we will be largely rewarded, not only from a financial standpoint, but by character and self-respect as well.

“The man,” said Elbert Hubbard, “who not only does his work superbly well, but adds to it a touch of personality through great zeal, patience, and persistence, making it peculiar, unique, individual, distinct, and unforgettable, is an artist. And this applies to each and every field of human endeavor – managing a hotel, a bank, or a factory; writing, speaking, modeling, or painting. It is that last indefinable touch that counts; the last three seconds he knocks off the record that proves the man a genius.”

Culled from Health, Wealth and Happiness by Sidney Newton Bremer


A Tribute to Our Maiden Role Model

Professor E. U Emovon


          The demise of our maiden Role Model Personality of the year 2019 was received by all members of the Nigerian Institute for Character Education with shock and disbelief. This was because less than a year ago, we made a meticulous search for a role model for all Nigerians to fashion their character after and the lot unmistakably fell on the legendary                       Chief/Professor E.U. Emovon. At the Award ceremony, he was full of life and gusto and we had expected him to live for many more years. He subsequently became an Honorary Member of the Institute.

          Although we now mourn his exit, we are consoled by the exemplary life he lived. He was a nonagenarian who had a full, fruitful and fulfilled life. His Spartan conduct, integrity, sagacity, simplicity and altruism put him head and shoulders above most mortals.

          No doubt, he had been a blessing to this generation. He was a cerebral Nigerian with an unblemished and credible track record and an outstanding Chief of Great Benin Kingdom.

          Whether as a professor, a university vice chancellor, a minister of the Federal Republic, and the President of several social clubs, he distinguished himself and stood tall among his peers for his intellectual prowess and a very high sense of integrity. He exuded the quintessence of all virtues.

According to a great Indian poet, Tagore, what makes a great man is the spiritual climate he creates in his own soul. The climate created by     

Chief/Prof. Emovon was filled inexorably with the vapour of love and justice. He was always responsive to the feelings and yearnings of the ordinary man. He regarded all men as equals and the word “discrimination” was never in his dictionary.

We enjoin and plead with the family he left behind to emulate and imbibe the exemplary qualities and virtues which he manifested all through his life and make them living legacies for him to be remembered by posterity.

We thank the Almighty God for making it possible for a man like Chief/Prof. Emovon to appear in our time to be our role model.

  May the Almighty God also grant him a well-deserved rest in His bosom.


Invitation to 2019 Exemplary Conduct Awards Ceremony


The Nigerian Institute for Character Education cordially invites the general public to it’s 2019 Exemplary Conduct Awards Ceremony as follows:

Venue: Motel Benin Plaza, G.R.A, Benin City.

Date: Friday, 22nd March, 2019

Time: 4.30Pm.

Kindly attend punctually.


Eddy O. Ikponmwen (JP), FNIM, FCPM, mni

Chairman (NICE)


Invitation To 2017 Annual Meeting: Announcement


The Nigerian Institute for Character Education (NICE), a Benin based non-governmental organization whose objectives are essentially character moulding holds its 3rd series of Annual General Meeting on Friday 24th November, 2017 at Motel Benin Plaza, Benin city at 4pm prompt.

Agenda Includes;

  1. Presentation of Exemplary Conduct Award Certificates to deserving students of secondary schools across the 3 Senatorial Districts in Edo State through the Chief Inspectors of Education.
  2. Admission of New Members.

All NICE members are expected to be punctual.



Ovenseri Otamere Esq.

Publicity Secretary (NICE)



A Decade of Nigerian Independence

With gallantry and brotherhood Nigerians fought,
That from the forces of foul play peace and justice may be wrought.

The horrors of our fratricidal war should be a concrete lesson,
With its deplorable killing and looting and arson
That the fatality of war is a respecter of no human person.

Only a deep sense of human equality can be our saving medicine.

The bridge between the rich and poor is far from negligible,
As the national cake to the poor remains intangible.

In unity we say we stand,
But where lies the unity when we play and dance to diverse band?

Excerpts from the Poem, A Decade of Nigerian
Independence 1970
From The Lily, A Book of Poems by Eddy Ikponmwen


Distinguished NICE Member Gets Top Rotary District Responsibility Post

Distinguished NICE Member Gets Top Rotary District Responsibility Post
Prof B.S. Sanni, a foremost NICE member and a distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Dean Post-Graduate Studies, Benson Idahosa University and Chairman Dean of Post-Graduate Studies of all Nigerian Universities has been appointed Chairman, Rotary International District 9141 Grants Committee. For Rotary International and Rotary Districts, this is a position of trust which demands a high sense of responsibility and management capability.
The Executive and Members of NICE congratulate Prof. B.S Sanni for this appointment and hope that the numerous communities in the Rotary District which encompasses Edo, Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa States of Nigeria will benefit maximally from his wealth of experience.
Eddy Ikponmwen
Chairman (NICE)


Justice Isibor loses Mum; NICE Sends Tribute


It is with a deep sense of loss that we of the Nigerian Institute for Character Education received the sad news of the passing on of the dear mother of our organisation’s foremost Foundation Member and Scribe since its inception.
Madam Isibor was a strong practising Christian of the Roman Catholic faith. She was a woman of impeccable cleanliness and exemplary character. She was a strict disciplinarian and at once loving, caring and understanding.
Her pious and dutiful life coupled with her remarkably graceful and peaceful transition in the afternoon of Sunday15th July, 2017 attests to the fact that she has gone to join the Saints Triumphant. Her demise is certainly one earth’s loss which is heaven’s gain.
By her death, the Isibor family has lost a matriarch of incalculable value. In every respect, Mama led an immensely useful and fulfilled life. We should be consoled that she lived to a good old age of 97 and left behind good name and good children and grand children who have made and are making outstanding landmarks in their various endeavours, prominent among whom is Hon. Justice P.O.Isibor, retired President of Edo State Customary Court of Appeal, a Worthy Knight of the Roman Catholic faith and a gentleman extraordinaire.
One cannot think of a more apt tribute to our departed mother than in the words of William Shakespeare “Her life was gentle and the elements so mixed in her that nature might stand up and say to all the world, this was a woman”
On behalf of the executive and members of the Nigerian Institute for Character Education (NICE), I convey our heartfelt condolences to our respected Scribe and foremost Foundation Member as well as to all members of the Isibor family. We pray that the good Lord grants them the strength and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
May Her Gentle Soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Eddy Ikponmwen, (JP), FNIM, FCPM, Amb. IML, mni


NICE Commends Member on Receipt of Honorary Doctorate

12th July, 2017

Rt. Rev (Dr.) Matthew A. Okpebholo JP
Ejaina House
1Taxona Road,
P.O.Box 206 Uromi,
Benin City,
Edo State

Please accept the hearty congratulations of The Executive of NICE and its Members on the recent conferment on you of the Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) of Edo State University, Ekpoma.
In every respect, an accomplished business executive of impeccable character, a seasoned manager of men and resources, a fine family man, an epitome of humility and above all a Soldier for Christ – The conferment was very well deserved.
May God guard and guide you in the position of recognition and towards many more successes in the years ahead.

Eddy O. Ikponmwen JP, FNIM, Amb.IML
Chairman (NICE)