Welcome To Nigerian Institute For Character Education

Nigerian Institute for Character Education is a leading national advocate for character education in Nigeria. Our mission is to help evolve for Nigeria a well behaved, highly cultured and disciplined citizenry with a commitment to “thinking globally while acting locally”

homeGive to every child his proper guidance
And to national manpower waste its much desired riddance.
Every child deserves the adults’ tolerance.
Every child warrants the adults’ acceptance.
For his maximum optimum performance.

As man at birth remains the weakest creature,
His proper growth deserves a careful nurture,
That the end product may be a creature mature,
A symbol of the perfect work of human nature,
Guidance and counselling remains education’s premier feature.

Guide a child and build a nation.
Counsel the child and develop his wisdom,
To carve a nation in the proper fashion,
Built on calculated human freedom
Manifested in constructive human action

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