The Nigerian Institute for Character Education (NICE), is to cooperate with Federal and State Agencies responsible for character moulding to inculcate Time Consciousness and other virtues in Nigerians.

To this end, the institution, which is a non-profit and non-governmental voluntary organisation, is to focus it activities for the year on the theme “Time counts; Be Time conscious”.

The Secretary of the Institute, Mr. Peter Isibor, who announced this at a recent meeting of the body, explained that the theme was chosen in order to reverse the Laissez –faire attitude of most Nigerians to time consciousness and move them forward as a people.

Mr. Isibor noted that utter disregard for time was part of our national malaise and stressed the need for the average Nigerian to give due regard to the value of time, since proper time management and punctuality are essential for the success of any human enterprise.

He enjoined individuals and organisations, particularly government, traditional rulers, religious bodies and business establishments to assist in ensuring positive character development in the average Nigerian Citizenry.

Founded in 1987, the Nigerian Institute for character Education has among its objectives, the development and encouragement of the spirit of National consciousness as well as the dignity of labour in the Nigerian citizenry.

The body which membership is drawn from the public and private sectors, is also committed to the inculcation of moral uprightness in Nigeria in order to reduce the unbridled desire for material acquisition in the society.

Peter Isibor Esq. (KSM)
Secretary NICE
26th March, 1994

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