NICE Chairman’s Tribute to the departed Mum – A Tribute To My Angel Mother

On that fateful Sunday morning of 30th October when you passed on spelling an abrupt end of over three scores and ten years of wonderful mother/son unforgettable relationship, the shock from the loss was rude and the grief devastating.
More than ever before, I experienced firsthand the frailty, the transient nature of the human person and the vanity of human wishes. And as I gathered myself up to the reality of the situation what immediately reverberated in my mind as an encouragement was the immortal admonition of Pope Saint John Paul II “Do not abandon yourself to despair. We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song”.
Mum, you taught us to be strong and to face the challenges of life with courage and equanimity and I decided in that moment of immeasurable grief to be strong and to do your bidding.
Nothing can be compared to the sacrifices, the miseries and the suffering which you endured for your children’s survival, comfort and progress. For quite some time as a single mother you showed self-dignity, self-respect and confidence. In all circumstances you stood tall, walked tall, braced up, looked up and struggled up. Your friends, relatives and neigbours all know you thought well of yourself and was determined to succeed, to win especially in the proper upbringing of your children.
Let me reiterate as I did in my Book of Poems, the Lily which I dedicated to you for the reason that “you taught me the virtues of hard work, personal discipline, selfless service, consideration for others and above all contentment”. I recall that when you personally read through this aspect of the dedication page the smile on your face was electrifying and the joy in your heart palpable.
You were school mate at Government School Benin to our revered monarch Oba Erediauwa and the likes of Dr (Mrs) Oronsaye (Nee Eweka) of Oronsaye Orphanage fame, yet you lived a remarkably quiet and humble life satisfied with working silently and unsung for the progress and overall success of your children. For us as your children our basic guiding question has been how to measure up to your expectation. Now that you are gone the task we owe you is to follow your extraordinary life of service. I personally resolve to do this by rededicating myself more than ever before to Service through Rotary, the Nigerian Institute for Character Education (NICE), Project Charilove, St.Vincent de Paul Society, Sir Osunde Foundation and other service organizations with which I have identified over the years.
Mum, your legacy lives on. You have left lingering memories of a life well spent. You have transited to eternal bliss. Your demise on the 30th of October, barely 48 hours to All Saints’ Day, 1st November and All Souls’ Day, 2nd November attest to the fact that you have gone to join the Saints Triumphant. Encouraged by the signal message of St.Francis of Assisi that “it is in dying that we are born to eternal life”, we are consoled, dear mum, that after all said and done, you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Your Son

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