A Tribute to Our Maiden Role Model

Professor E. U Emovon


          The demise of our maiden Role Model Personality of the year 2019 was received by all members of the Nigerian Institute for Character Education with shock and disbelief. This was because less than a year ago, we made a meticulous search for a role model for all Nigerians to fashion their character after and the lot unmistakably fell on the legendary                       Chief/Professor E.U. Emovon. At the Award ceremony, he was full of life and gusto and we had expected him to live for many more years. He subsequently became an Honorary Member of the Institute.

          Although we now mourn his exit, we are consoled by the exemplary life he lived. He was a nonagenarian who had a full, fruitful and fulfilled life. His Spartan conduct, integrity, sagacity, simplicity and altruism put him head and shoulders above most mortals.

          No doubt, he had been a blessing to this generation. He was a cerebral Nigerian with an unblemished and credible track record and an outstanding Chief of Great Benin Kingdom.

          Whether as a professor, a university vice chancellor, a minister of the Federal Republic, and the President of several social clubs, he distinguished himself and stood tall among his peers for his intellectual prowess and a very high sense of integrity. He exuded the quintessence of all virtues.

According to a great Indian poet, Tagore, what makes a great man is the spiritual climate he creates in his own soul. The climate created by     

Chief/Prof. Emovon was filled inexorably with the vapour of love and justice. He was always responsive to the feelings and yearnings of the ordinary man. He regarded all men as equals and the word “discrimination” was never in his dictionary.

We enjoin and plead with the family he left behind to emulate and imbibe the exemplary qualities and virtues which he manifested all through his life and make them living legacies for him to be remembered by posterity.

We thank the Almighty God for making it possible for a man like Chief/Prof. Emovon to appear in our time to be our role model.

  May the Almighty God also grant him a well-deserved rest in His bosom.

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