Nigerian Institute for Character Education is a non-profit and non-governmental organization whose aims and objectives are essentially character moulding. Membership of the organization is three-fold, individual membership, corporate membership and honorary membership.
Membership is usually extended to carefully selected well-meaning and public spirited persons of notable achievements and proven integrity in both the public and private sector of the Nigeria economy.There is no doubt that the negative behaviour now visibly manifest in virtually every facet of our lives is at the root of our national malaise. One needs hardly emphaize the immense value of our organisation to our collective and individual security, happiness and over-all national progress.

The Institute’s members are drawn from the public, private sectors and corporate organisations and collaborates with any other organisation(s) whose policies and programmes are similar to those of the Institute. Membership which includes Senior public officers, top Management Staff in the Private Sectors and University Dons is exclusively by invitation.

In a nutshell membership of the Institute shall be open to:

  • All Adults of impeccable character;
  • Reputable Corporate bodies;
  • Honorary members who shall be people of repute and integrity

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Nigerian Institute for Character Education, you have an array of benefits at your disposal that can strengthen your efforts and enrich and inspire your individual involvements and attainments.

Membership Rates

  • An individual member of the institute is required to pay a Registration fee of N1,000.00(One thousand naira) (US$10) and an annual membership fee of N6,000.00 (Six thousand naira) (US$40) amounting to N7,000.00 (seven thousand naira) (US$50) in the first instance.
  • For Corporate members, registration fee shall be N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) (US$140)only and minimum annual subscription of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira)(US$140).
  • An honorary member shall make a once and for all minimum contribution of N50,000 (US$350).

Join Nigerian Institute for Character Education Now

Download membership enrollment form. And e-mail or mail back to Nigerian Institute for Character Education. Click Here to Download Membership form.

Other Downloads

Election to Individual MembershipClick here to download
Election to Honorary Membershipclick here to download
Election to Corporate Membership click here to download

Certificates will be issued to successful nominees subject to the Institute’s further scrutiny of the nominees.

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